December group meeting and BBC site visit

At the last meeting of 2016, it was confirmed that the Communications and media Group was changing its name. From February 2017, the group will be known as the Broadcasting and Telecommunications group. The group was founded in the last century, and began as a small group of mobile and cable operators who wanted to share best practice of health and safety matters.

It very quickly developed into an affiliated Group in IOSH and took on major telecommunications companies, as the world of communications became more aligned.

As the Internet age dawned, the meaning of what was “communications” changed and it was renamed the Communications and media Group. Its membership now includes representatives from OFCOM and the BBC, as well as what can be easily aligned, for example, BT and Virgin Media.

In December, the group met in BBC New Broadcasting House in London. After the business of the day, the BBC had kindly invited the Team to form part of the audience in The One Show. Apart from being great fun, it also gave a valuable insight into how difficult it is to mount a live show with constantly changing camera angles, VT and all the paraphernalia of broadcasting equipment around, whilst maintaining a safe environment.

Below is a picture of the team and Matt Baker is attached with the full audience.

Braodcast and Telecommunications Group at the BBC One Show