Airside Safety DVD Launch

DVD Launch day banner

IOSH AAG has launched its Airport Airside Safety induction DVD at the RAF Museum on 30 September 2010.

The AAG commissioned the film to help workers, in particular new or temporary staff, become more ‘risk savvy’ about potential hazards airside.

The event was attended by over eighty delegates from Aerospace and Aviation functions. 

Delegates were welcomed to the RAF Museum with tea and coffee and then invited to the presentation. 

Paul McKenziePaul McKenzie Chair of the AAG (right) welcomed the delegates. 

David GartsideDavid Gartside (left), Board Member of the Health and Safety Executive provided the Launch Address. 

Keith Merrie

Keith Merrie (right), Vice Chair of the AAG and lead stakeholder on the DVD project, and Richard Cassy from Cassy Multimedia provided an insight into the pitfalls of making the DVD.  Keith is also the 'model' for the injury accident poster!

Connaught also provided a case study on how they were helped DHL Aviation. Steve Terry Connaught Compliance Training Services Sales and Marketing Director stated that it was,

'business as usual.'

As they were unaffected by the recent collapse of Connaught Partnerships and that their immediate focus is on maintaining excellent service for our customers, and it is appropriate to recognise the fantastic commitment demonstrated by our staff.

Other Images of the Launch 

McKenzie Cassy and Harris

Paul McKenzie (left) AAG Chair, Richard Cassy (centre) Cassy Multimedia and cameraman Kim Harris (right) Cassy Multimedia. 

Terry Park

Steve Terry (centre), Connaught Sales and Marketing Director and Alastair Park (right), Connaught Senior Account Manager talk to prospective clients. 

Thobald Schneider and Porter

The Team from Gunzburger Steigtechnik, Rudiger Thobald (Left) Urs Schneider (centre) and Tim Porter (right) . Gunzburger Steigtechnik were one of the major sponsors of the DVD.


Deirdre O'Kennedy of Aer Lingus providing her feedback on the DVD for the IOSH Media Teams YouTube Channel.


Glen Wilson of East Midlands Airport (EMA) being interviewed by the IOSH Media team.  EMA allowed the filming to take place at their airport and Glen was one of the main supporters of the filming.

The Airside Safety DVD was brought to you by the AAG Committee

Group shot

Left to right: Myles Francis (HSE), Rik Moore (BALPA), Tim Williams (CAA), Rod Blest (bmi & AAG Web Champion), Keith Merrie (bmi & AAG Vice Chair) and Paul McKenzie (Astrium & AAG Chair)

Whilst we thank and appreciate everyone’s help with the DVD, sponsorship/contribution to the DVD does not constitute an endorsement of the company/organisation products/services by IOSH.