Airside Safety DVD - Contents and Support

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The Airside Health and Safety Induction video is designed to general safety requirements placed on all those who undertake work airside and to raise awareness of specific safety issues.

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The DVD explains the basic safety information when working in an airside environment. The DVD is not intended to cover all of your duties on the airfield – you will need specific training from your own company or department for this.

The IOSH AAG envisages the DVD will be used for induction and refresher training and can be adapted into a companies own training programme or as a stand alone product.  Each company that uses the DVD will need to ensure it fits in with its current training programme. 

Some IOSH AAG members have stated that they intend to have the DVD on a constant loop within airport temporary pass offices and/or make it compulsory for temporary airside pass holders to prove they have watched it prior to passes being issued.  This may not work for all locations but it is a suggestion on how the DVD can be used. 

The DVD covers:

- Legislation
- Definitions
- Security
- Hazards and Safety Procedures
- Hazards on the Apron
- Working Around the Aircraft (jets/propellers/helicopters)
- Refuelling Awareness
- Driving Airside Safety Awareness
- Inclement Weather and Low Visibility Awareness
- FOD (Foreign Object Debris)
- Emergency Procedures Awareness

The DVD is designed to be used in conjunction with the free downloadable support booklet.

The booklet is based on the DVD and the photographs are taken directly from the DVD to ensure continuity. 

Examples of the booklet contents can be seen on the right. 

Whilst we thank and appreciate everyone’s help with the DVD, sponsorship/contribution to the DVD does not constitute an endorsement of the company/organisation products/services by IOSH.