Poster campaign promotes aircraft turnround safety

6 February 2015

The IOSH Aviation and Aerospace Group has created a new poster campaign aimed at raising awareness of hazards associated with aircraft turnround on the airport apron.

Aircraft turnround continues to be identified as a significant contributing factor to accident and incident rates in the airport environment.

The series of 11 guidance posters aims to inform and educate workers on potential issues including noise, falls from height, machinery, fire and explosion and hazardous substances.

Ross Coppolo, chair of the IOSH Aviation and Aerospace Group, said: “We were aware that our members and industry were keen for further work to be undertaken to raise the awareness of health and safety hazards on the apron and, more specifically, those associated with all phases of the aircraft turnround process.

“The poster campaign is aimed at all apron users including airport and aerodrome operators, airlines and ground service providers with the objectives of identifying the range of significant hazards, common causes of injury, potential consequences and the provision of suggested control measures.”

Safety concerns around aircraft turnround have previously resulted in specific industry guidance being published, such as HSG 209 ‘Aircraft Turnround’ by the HSE and CAP 642 ‘Airside Safety Management’ produced by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The Aviation and Aerospace Group’s committee identified a need for further promotion of the significant hazards associated with aircraft turnround following consultation with industry and feedback from IOSH members. It is hoped that the posters will compliment current industry guidance.

Download the posters

Aircraft turnround guidance series

Manual handling



Fire and explosion


Slips and trips

Falls from height

Foreign object debris

Moving vehicles

Hazardous substances