Podcast Library Access

This area is reserved for branch members.

IOSH Yorkshire Branch members may access the Branch meeting podcasts library held on a secure server external to the IOSH website, however, at present please note that this area is reserved for Yorkshire Branch members only.

IOSH Yorkshire Branch has been leading the way in how we record and deliver branch meeting presentations to its members for several years. Branch meetings are recorded (with speakers’ permission) and published in podcast (podbean format).

Podcast recordings are not stored on the IOSH website and are therefore held on a different server which will require Yorkshire Branch Members to provide a login and a password. See Login Details below. We hope you find podcasts useful.
Podcast recordings are in one of two options - either just the presentation slides; or presentation slides and an audio commentary synchronised with the slides. The latest recordings will appear at the top of the list.

Please be aware that some users may find their computer settings locked to prevent podcasts playing on work computers, and others may have to alter device settings to gain access to our podcasts. Also, not all internet browsers work with the podcasts (some older versions of browsers may not work with the podcasts). Some workplace firewalls may also block access.

Please Note: Turning off your firewall or antivirus software could put your device/s at risk from computer viruses and other security risks. Seek advice before removing any protection.

How to Access Podbean
Some necessary changes have been made for accessing the IOSH Yorkshire members Podbean area. These are to improve security and minimise simultaneous logging into the same account, which can cause problems. Please find below the new details to access the IOSH Yorkshire Podcasts.

Please follow steps 1-4 to use Podbean. Once you have been through the process the first time it should be straight-forward to use the same log on details thereafter.

Step 1. Navigate to Podbean
Go to the Podbean page as directed from this IOSH website


Step 2. Sign In. (see chart – Log in details for podbean).
Please select from the list, at the end of these guidance notes, one of the log in credentials (Username & Password) that matches the initial letters of your surname and first name.  e.g. John Brown would be; a2c1@helicalblue.com and Trevor Brown would be; a2c2@helicalblue.com.

Step 3 View Podcasts
Please only view the podcasts and do not alter any settings or passwords and to maintain security of the site for the branch please do not share the log in details with anyone else. This is a member’s only area.

Step 4. Sign out. (This is important)
Click on the little picture with name of the account (e.g. a2c1) at the top Right hand Corner of the page.


When the next window opens click again in the top right hand corner  and select ‘Log out’ from the dropdown menu. Please Do Not use any other functions on this page. Then close your browser.




List of Log In Details

login details for podbean 

If you experience any problems in accessing podcast please refer to the above information and login details below. If you are still having problems please contact your Yorkshire Branch Secretary.