IOSH Yorkshire Branch Survey - Summary of Findings

The Yorkshire branch would like to thank all those members who took time to take part in the questionnaire.

The branch values its member’s opinion and our aim is to provide topical events which will enhance and maintain member’s skills in professional safety management.

We appreciate that the geographical region of Yorkshire can make it difficult for all members to attend regular meetings. The IOSH Yorkshire membership is in excess of 2500, picking the perfect location for some can be a difficult for others. However, the regular meeting place for each Yorkshire branch meeting normally attracts in excess of a 100 members.

We appear to have a hard core of members who regularly attend, but we also attract many new visitors. As a branch we will endeavour to provide topical events for our members and hope that we will see you in the future at one of them.

Summary findings

182 members (144 male, 38 female) responded to the Branch Survey (7% of total membership).

Responses to the questions

1. Have you ever attended a branch meeting?

Of those that responded to the survey, 44% attended 1 meeting per year, 38% attended 2 – 5 meetings and 18% attended more than 5 meetings per year. [N.B. Some respondents ticked 1 when they really meant 0 but this was not an option.]

Reasons given for not attending fell into several categories:

  • Not easy to attend the same day and venue/evening would suit me better/busy with family in the evenings/can the location cycle around the region (surely Universities, Councils etc. have IOSH members who could offer alternative venues).
  • Cannot get time off work/work commitments make this difficult/clashes with client meetings/working away from home during the week/working long hours and studying/school run at 3:00 and don’t have childcare.
  • Venue not convenient for city centre worker/location is a bit of a trek/appalling to get to without a car/I would get along easier if it was in Leeds.
  • Meetings not relevant/new to IOSH but yet to see a no brainer must attend relevant topic/group events are more relevant (RIG Group)

Miscellaneous responses also indicated a poor welcome by the committee, objection to member’s money being wasted on food for the car driving minority and a lack of notification about the meetings. However, other responses called for more structured networking events.

2. Should the branch continue to provide an evening meeting?

Members were split 50/50 on whether to continue to provide evening meetings.

3. Would you be interested in attending a breakfast meeting Yes or No

120 Members (66% of the survey group) were interested in breakfast meetings. Alternative meeting places principally suggest alternative meeting locations in Leeds and Sheffield. There were other suggestions for Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Harrogate and Nottingham (unfortunately out of our area). Many responses indicated South Yorkshire was a good location and that Rogerthorpe Manor is a good venue.

4. Are you aware that we record the presentations at most of our meetings and display the podcasts on our Yorkshire Branch website?

49% of respondents were not aware that we record the presentations. One respondent suggested having a webinar or recording the meetings so they could be available on-line. [N.B. we record the meetings and display them as podcasts on the Yorkshire page of the IOSH website. Steps are being taken to make the podcasts more easily accessible].

5. Are you aware that we provide networking opportunities before each meeting?

82% of respondents indicated that they were aware that we provide networking opportunities before branch meetings.

6. Are you aware that we provide food and refreshments before each meeting?

84% were aware that we provide food. A couple of members suggested that money could and should be better spent, while many others thought the gesture of providing food was good.

7. Would you as a Yorkshire Branch member like the branch to consider organising an awards dinner/networking event?

Only 46% of respondents would like the branch to consider an awards dinner.

8. What are the branch intentions?

Having discussed the branch survey findings at the committee meeting on the 17 July 2014, a decision was made to suspend our evening meetings for 2015. The alternative is to trial a breakfast meeting at the normal meeting venue.

Additionally, discussions were made to have other meetings away from the normal meeting place (availability of speakers, venues and topics still to be confirmed). Please continually check the Yorkshire branch microsite for event information.