Branch Meeting Report - 21 April 2016

27 May 2016

The Apprentice

AGM was followed by an education meeting titled ‘The Apprentice.’ This meeting was packed with presenters, each offering their unique experience in providing training and mentoring. Standout features of this meeting were pride and enthusiasm towards education.

There has been a lot of coverage recently about apprentices; David Cameron’s pledge is to create three million by 2020. Adele Gunn EDA for the Yorkshire branch started proceedings with an interesting review of societal changes of each generation. Adele talked about the different generations in the workplace today, Baby Boomers, generation X, generation Y and generation Z.

Adele gave examples of how each generation had different education pathways and work ethics comparing Baby Boomers to having similar career paths to their parents and traditionally working 9 to 5. While generation X valued their freedom and where more likely to be self-employed, having grown up with the internet more computer literate. Generation X view technology more as functional whereas Generation Y understands it has integrated into their lifestyles. While Generation Y are still entering into the workforce, the Baby Boomers are at or nearing the age of retirement.

Adele gave a fascinating lengthy view of generations in the workplace, which is well worth a listen.