Stress Resilience and Mindfulness - Event Report

27 April 2015

Over 90 people attended the Branch Meeting on 19 March 2015 on the subject of Stress.

Susan Gee spoke about Mindfulness and suggested an holistic, preventative approach to wellbeing. Carol Duerden spoke on the subject of Mental Health First Aid suggesting that we look out for the early signs of mental ill health in order to prevent the onset of illness and to help someone to recover. Steve Bilton was our final speaker who spoke about Resilience, or bouncing back from the extremities of emotional and spiritual well being.

All the speakers encouraged us to look out for the out of character reactions of colleagues at the extremes of normal characteristics in order to Recognise; Respond; and Resolve mental ill health.

Stress was highlighted as the most common cause of long term sickness absence of both manual and non manual staff.

The 3 areas of overlapping duties and responsibilities urging our organisations to respond to the threat of mental ill health were:

  1. The Health & Safety at Work etc. Act and other statutory duties on employers;
  2. Occupational Health Services, ill health management and drivers to rehabilitate personnel on long term disability; and
  3. The Health needs and Organisational policies for preventing ill health and promoting wellbeing.

Further information on managing stress was suggested as being found at This is an European Agency for Safety and Health at Work website containing an e-guide to Managing stress and psychosocial risks.

It is aimed primarily at the needs of employers and people working in small enterprises.

Further information on the Practical Aspects of running a Stress Programme may also be available by contacting the Yorkshire Branch EDA, Adele Gunn.