Environmental Update ‘Muck and Trouble’– Meeting report

6 December 2016

Muck and Trouble 17 November 2016
Meeting Report

Kirsty Gomersal of Clyde & Co and Yorkshire branch committee member delivered a very packed presentation, with excellence use of photographs discussed environmental legal updates, case law and matters of interest.

Muck and Trouble event

Kirsty Gomersal – Yorkshire branch meeting 17 November 2016

Kirsty packed a lot of content into this presentation which will be available on podbean, too much to cover in this report, but one item of interest was the householder’s ‘duty of care’ to ensure that any waste is handed to an authorised carrier for onward disposal. Kirsty mentioned frequently seeing householders posting on social media for someone to do a “tip run” for cash in hand. Kirsty mentioned being aware of “a man with a van” responding to such a post and removing the waste for a small cash fee. However, the waste was dumped and the local authority was able to trace the householder from her details on the waste. The householder faced prosecution for ‘fly tipping’. When it transpired that the “man with a van” was not authorised to carry waste, the householder faced prosecution for conveying waste to an unlicensed carrier. The householder’s duty of care is not as extensive as the “commercial” duty of care but it is something we should all be aware of, particularly if we are having work done on our own homes.

Podbean - Presentation

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