Counter Terrorism 14 July 2016 - Meeting Report

22 July 2016

The branch welcomed Ian Law, a Counter Terrorist Advisor from the North East Counter Terrorism Unit to the breakfast meeting to give a presentation on this very emotive and current topic.

“Project Griffin” is a Counter Terrorism briefing that is being delivered across the UK by counter terrorism advisors in the wake of 9/11 and 7/7 atrocities. It was initially designed to be given to the 1 square mile financial sector in London, which was thought to have been a potential terrorist target.
Ian engaged the branch members with video clips, thought provoking questions and some very important messages to take back to their organisations. He asked the audience to think about what their organisations have in place to prevent a terrorist attack, what is in place to deal with an attack and measures to take to mitigate the impact of attack.

He gave examples of where opportunities to prevent attacks had been missed and other examples where the vigilance of members of the public had prevented or disrupted potential attacks and he emphasised the importance of reporting any suspicious activities.

Hostile Reconnaissance is a term used where terrorists will observe a potential target, planning how to carry out an attack, looking for access points, CCTV coverage and general security measures. They will visit sites on a number of occasions, carry out dummy runs etc. It is important that individuals note any of these things happening and report this activity.
The threat of both International and Domestic terrorism was discussed with the threat to the UK from international terrorism at a Severe level (an attack is highly likely).

The presentation concluded with a video titled: “Stay Safe” (available on YouTube), which Ian encouraged members to access and share with families.
At the end of a very informative presentation, Ian and a couple of his colleagues were available to answer member’s questions.
At the end of the presentation, the branch Chair thanked Ian for his excellent contribution.

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