Slips Trips and fall – Meeting report - 15 Oct 2015

1 December 2015

Mark Liddle from the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) delivered an interesting presentation, regarding Slips, Trips and Falls, discussing construction activities and general workplaces. 

Meeting Summary

Mark engaged the members with video clips, charts and statistics demonstrating grip in footwear, offering anecdotal accounts of monitoring and investigations he had performed in his duties for the HSL.

Mark discussed one accident in which the Police had requested the HSL investigate. This accident involved a fatality at a night club. The Police initial thoughts were murder; someone had pushed a person downs stairs causing death.

Mark showed photograph’s of the night club stairs and asked the delegates what was wrong with this image? On close inspection and as guided to the problem, the top step in the photograph showed the riser to be less than all the other steps. Possibility of the accident was that the person walking down the stairs had miss judged the stairs?

Mark explained that there had been six RIDDOR’s at this night club in the past year. Too much drink was a consideration and a possible cause of these accidents. But, the most likely cause may have been this top step?

Podbean - Presentation

The Yorkshire Branch arranges its branch meetings in order to provide opportunities for members to meet, network with other members, ask questions and to attend informative presentations for free.

For those members who are unable to attend the meetings, or wish to re-visit presentations on particular subjects, with the speaker’s permission we record the presentations and convert these to Podcasts.

Unfortunately, on this occasion permission to view this presentation as a podcast was not given by the speaker.