AGM and Education - Personal development and progression

28 May 2015


The Yorkshire branch held its annual general meeting (AGM) on 16 April 2015 immediately prior to the speaker event below.  

Personal development and progression – Tom Ford and Chris Rowlings

The theme of this Yorkshire Branch meeting was Education - ‘Personal development and progression’ and it proved to be another well attended Yorkshire branch meeting with a mixture of New-to-IOSH and Experienced members. A show of hands indicated approximately half of the attendees were technical or graduate members, and the remainder were chartered members.  

Tom came along from IOSH HQ to explain the membership pathway. He discussed how IOSH members can progress through the various stages to reach chartered member status and how to keep up-to-date with Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Further information about CPD, creating a structured career path and safeguarding professional status can be found on the IOSH webpage.

tom ford

Tom Ford, IOSH

Chris gave sound advice on how to prepare CVs and offered practical solutions on how to prepare for an interview. He explained how the recruitment of safety professionals had changed and discussed the importance of having an up-to-date CV and how it should be tailored to the job specification.

Chris dismissed the myth of having too many pages to your CV, confirming that a CV should be relevant to the person and the position available and could be as long as necessary.

He mentioned one particularly employer who would instantly dismiss a CV if the wording wasn’t right i.e. referring to the “Institute” of Occupational Safety and Health not ‘Institution’. Discussing the difficulties a candidate now faces making a career move, he stated that previously a candidate would possibly just have one interview, and now a candidate could be looking at, at least three stages. He said employers are becoming choosier in who they want.

chris rowlings

Chris Rowlings, HSE Recruitment Network Ltd

All in all this was a valuable meeting for the Yorkshire branch members and judging by the numbers who stayed back to discuss issues, very worthwhile.

A Podcast of this meeting will be available for our members on the Yorkshire branch microsite, look in the members section and follow the links to podbean.