Branch History

The Yorkshire Branch has been holding branch meetings since 1951. Meetings used to be held at the Yorkshire Parkside Safety Centre at Hunslet in Leeds. Meetings typically then attracted between 20 and 25 people.

Albert Kendell, a previous Branch Chair and himself a recipient of the IOSH President’s Distinguished Service Award, recalled a previous Chair (John Hayward) being a founder member of the organization back in 1951.

The change to IOSH and the increase in membership numbers over the years saw the meetings move venues several times: from the wooden hut at Hunslet to the Selby Fork Motel; then on to Kellingley Miners' Welfare at Knottingley, the Parkside Hotel at Pontefract racecourse and then in 1999, the branch split because of its size (then it had over 2,400 members), and the Humberside Branch was formed.

Our current membership has risen to almost 2,400 members again and Regional Branch Meetings have been held in North, West and South Yorkshire.

Branch meetings are currently held in the large venue of Rogerthorpe Manor near Pontefract (between Thorpe Audlin and Badsworth just off the A1 on the border of West and South Yorkshire). Branch meetings are still free to attend and now typically attract between 80 and140 members. We aim to have speakers delivering presentations at each meeting and for their presentations to be on current topics. These presentations are always informative, often practical, and usually aimed at helping new members to develop in their field, and established members to maintain their CPD and develop their peer group networks.

We believe that the first female chair of an IOSH branch was our own Pat Harvey, back in the 1980s. She was followed by Jean Illingworth and Nina Wrightson, who went on to become President of IOSH and receive the President’s Distinguished Service Award. More recently Michelle Muxworthy also became the Branch Chair in 2009 and was elected to Council in 2014.

Other branch members who have received the President’s Distinguished Service Award include: Kenneth Saxton (1990), Ronald Jackson (1993), Doug Cartwright (April 2005 and Silver Award in 2014), Chris Richold (April 2005), Tim Briggs (2010), Stuart Armstrong (2012), Michelle Muxworthy (2013) and Ewhen Hasioszyn (2014).

John Lacey and more recently Tim Briggs have joined Nina Wrightson as one of the few members able to claim the honour of becoming President of IOSH. Since serving his term as President, John has also served on the Board of Trustees.