2014 past events


Healthy workplaces - manage stress, take the 2015 training challenge

IOSH and Healthy Working Lives (HWL) worked together to deliver a free training offer to IOSH members and others to reach and potentially train '2015' employees during 2015.




A Mentally Healthy - Isabel McLellan (PDF,597 KB)
Brookfield Multiplex Involvement - (PDF, 631 KB)
IOSH HWL Train 2015 - Scott Donohoe (PDF, 3 MB)
Mental Health & Wellbeing - Kristi Long (PDF, 443 KB)
Robert Atkinson - Train 2015 Launch (PDF, 425 KB)
Robert Atkinson - Train 2015 Presentation (PDF, 485 KB)
The Integration of Mentally Healthy - Emma Kennedy
(PDF, 228 KB)
UNITE - Edinburgh Case Study (PDF, 186 KB)
Work Related Stress - Kathy Jenkins (PDF, 563 KB)


Legislative update - Mike Taylor, Santia (PDF, 934 KB)
Effective Asbestos Management and an introduction to ACOP 143 - John Evans, Santia (PDF, 1.54 MB)
HSE update - Ceri Beynon, HSE (PDF, 308 KB)
Legionella update - representative from Aquatreat (PDF, 188 MB)
Environmental Pressure on the Milford Haven Waterway - Ged Davies, Brian Klass, Natural Resources Wales (PDF, 184 MB)