Outline notes for various branch traditions and practice

Involving the President of IOSH

  • The President should be invited to speak at each branch AGM
  • The President should be invited to attend any formal branch function
  • The regional representative to Council should be similarly invited.

Branch Web Site.

The content of the branch webpages is the responsibility of the branch executive. As with seminars, anything it contains must enhance the Institution in general, in particular its image as a professional body.

The purpose of the webpages is to provide contact and communication for members and third parties. It shouldn't be seen as an authoritative source of advice on health and safety issues.

The site cannot be used to promote products or services. Such action is contrary to the rules and role of the Institution. The branch executive will appoint a webmaster, who will be responsible for the maintenance of the site and the validation of all programmes incorporated in it.

The webmaster will also ensure that the branch executive approves all links used in the site to ensure that visitors are not directed to sites which are in breach of the Institution's own rules, or contradict or damage IOSH's position or image.

IOSH, through the Branch Liaison team, will help to organise seminars that are laid on by the branch. The team will provide copies of their procedures for events.

The branch effectively determines a theme, programme, speakers and suitable venue for the event. Thereafter, IOSH issues all publicity material and booking forms, as well as ensuring the total oversight of cashflow. The arrangement ensures that rules and protocol established by the Institution are observed, and that organisers at branch level do not jeopardise their own standing, or indeed that of the branch, with the Institution.

It is the responsibility of the branch executive to ensure that any intended seminar meets the purpose and aims of the Institution before making further arrangements.

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