Our objectives

  • To promote high standards of health, safety and wellbeing for people at work and people affected by work activities.
  • To promote and support the aims and the objectives of the Institution.
  • To provide a facility to allow members to contribute to the development of the aims and objectives of the Institution.
  • To achieve recognition of the branch as a respected source of information and opinion on matters regarding health and safety in the workplace.
  • To increase the number of members participating in branch activities.
  • To contribute towards the professional development of branch members and anyone interested in joining the profession.
  • To encourage people to enter the profession and develop into qualified and competent practitioners.
  • To establish relationships with other professional bodies and societies sharing similar aims.
  • To promote and encourage the benefits of IOSH membership and the development of the profession.
  • To provide a facility for branch members to have both professional and social interaction.
  • To help members share their knowledge and experience.
  • To establish a system for liaison and distribution of information on all matters concerning IOSH.
  • To establish channels of communication and facilitate comment to the media on matters of concern to IOSH.
  • To arrange formal communication with IOSH generally on matters of concern to branch members.
  • To establish a mentoring programme for new members and those seeking to advance their grade of membership.
  • To promote and monitor local education and training facilities for branch members and others showing an interest in the profession.
  • To support and take a caring interest in the welfare of branch members.
  • To provide a regular programme of events relevant to the professional interests of branch members.
  • To ensure branch activities are properly planned, managed and evaluated.

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