Guidance notes for branch officers and members


  • Presides over all branch and executive meetings
  • Presides over other formal branch functions
  • Manages the branch
  • Jointly prepares press releases with the secretary

Past Chairman

  • Welcomes new members and visitors
  • Considers seeking election as Regional Rep to Council
  • Co-ordinates the setting-up of new groups
  • Supports the promotion of branch events


  • Expected to progress to Chairman
  • Chairs a Forward Planning Sub Working Party
  • Responsible for the planning of the following year’s programme of regular branch meetings
  • Recruits mentors for new members
  • Liaises between the branch and its chosen charity


  • Acts as a business secretary
  • Is assisted by the Assistant Secretary to produce minutes of branch meetings and executive meetings
  • Acts as the liaison between the branch and IOSH head office
  • Acts as the liaison between other professional groups and the branch
  • Acts as the liaison between the branch and the webmaster
  • Handles all media contact from the branch but liaises with the Chairman and the IOSH Media team for press releases and statements


  • Administers branch funds, budgets and expenditures
  • Keeps the branch executive informed of the state of the branch's finances
  • Arranges for the branch account to be audited in accordance with IOSH procedures

Assistant Secretary

  • Produces minutes of branch meetings
  • Produces minutes of executive meetings
  • Assists the Branch Secretary

Branch Webmaster

  • Maintains the branch's webpages
  • Regulates the content of the webpages in line with IOSH rules and procedures
  • Gives the executive committee advance information of new content for the webpages

Education and Development Advisor

  • Provides information regarding local courses leading to IOSH membership
  • Co-ordinates the assessment of applicants for Technician membership

The executive committee

  • Supports the tasks of each branch officer
  • Supports the activities of subject-specific sections attached to the branch
  • Decides the relevance of forming associations with local groups who declare similar interests, especially where expenditure is involved
  • Ensures that speakers at branch meetings are properly hosted
  • Approves an annual budget in advance of each branch year, ensuring that speakers are appropriately recompensed for their contribution.

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