Tony Bough Receives Service Award

Tony Bough

3 October 2016

On behalf of the Tyne and Wear Branch I’d like to congratulate and to celebrate Tony Bough getting awarded the Presidents Distinguished Service Certificate.  Well done!  I think it’s really important to recognise that this was for the time that he spent in Tyne and Wear working with the Branch, mentoring friends and colleagues through CMIOSH and the time spent committing to IPD interviewing.  I could go on.  But it is very much Branch focused.  Very recently Tony has been appointed as a Trustee, so he’s branching out a bit further afield.

Tony and myself have been volunteers for IOSH for a number of years and one of the things that we both say is that without the people giving their time to the branch we wouldn’t have the excellent seminars that we can all enjoy.

We are always looking for people to join the branch exec.  It doesn’t take too much time, just stay back for an hour or so after each meeting, and that’s about it.  We need you to be interested in helping and for you to bring your ideas but that’s what we all do.

We have an excellent programme lined up for this year and the first thing I want to say is thank you to all of the branch for pulling it together.  Secondly I want to say.  Come and join us!!  Our success is built on branch members.  You will meet some great new friends.  A few wacky people like Tony and myself (more Tony than me) and we can promise that it’s both enjoyable and rewarding.

We recruit to the exec at every AGM and as it’s only the start of this year’s programme you have plenty of time to think about it, but please do.  That’s how we all start and where you end up is up to you.  You can stay on the branch, you can volunteer at the Grange, you could even join our council or become a Vice President.  We do it because we like to but it’s also great for your career, great for networking and getting ideas from peers.  Like everything you get out of it what you put in.

So think about it.  Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

All the best

Steve Race

IOSH Tyne & Wear Branch Chair