2018 AGM nominations

Nominee: Graham Parker
Position: Chair
Supporting Statement: I have been the Chair of the Thames Valley Branch for the past two years and feel that I still have time and experience to give the Branch.

Nominee: Steve Pulling
Position: Treasurer
Supporting Statement: Having managed the branch budget for the last 2 years, I would like to continue as the Treasurer to support the Institution in managing its finances.

Nominee: David Heath
Position: Secretary
Supporting Statement: It has been an honour to serve as the Thames Valley Branch Secretary for a number of years and I would like to serve for one more year. I believe I make a significant contribution to the running of the Branch due to my experience and the amount of time I am able to devote to the role, being partially retired.

Nominee: Nicholas Bathurst
Position: Committee Member
Supporting Statement: I was the former vice chair and having been outside the UK for the last 2 years feel I would like to re-join the committee and add my continued contributions to the Thames Valley Branch and IOSH.

Nominee: Kelly Nicoll
Position: Committee Member
Supporting Statement: I have been approached by the Chair of Thames Valley branch to step forward as a young(ish) professional in OSH. I think I can bring a fresh approach to OSH and can assist the branch in moving forward by bringing new ideas and suggestions, with the view to encouraging more young professionals to get involved. I have progressed through the membership and recently attained Chartered status. Further progression for me would be to be involved with IOSH branch support by joining the committee, and I look forward to having a proactive role within the branch.

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