Tees Branch History – Branch Members

A branch is its members and the success of a branch is down to the commitment of its members.  Since its formation the Tees Branch has been fortunate to have had the support of both members and local organisations.

All members who have attended Branch events have contributed to its success over the years.  However, these events would not have been possible without the efforts of members who have served as Branch Officers for many years.

In undertaking this the Branch Officers have enabled the Tees Branch to have had the distinction of being the first branch to be visited by the newly elected President of the Institution.   

The role of Chair of the Branch has been undertaken by many members over the years for either a one or two year period.   The role has been carried out for multiple periods of time by Peter Prunty, Keith Large, Watson Walker and Steve Piper.  Currently the role is held by Linda McGravey.

The role of Chair is supported by the Branch Secretary and Treasurer. At the Tees Branch both of these roles have been undertaken by a small number of members for extended time periods, with Dave Pearce, Paul Stokes, Phil Graham and Linda McGravey as Treasurer and Steve Murphy, Peter Walker and Steve Harwood as Secretary

Education is an important aspect of the Branch and to support this the Branch has a Mentor, originally known as Education Officer and then BEDA. This role has been held by Les Tapper, Tom Norwood and Jonathan Backhouse.

By Steve Harwood, CMIOSH, December 2017