Past events

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We are in the process of making available previous PowerPoint Presentations, etc. for our previous branch events.



19 December – Vice Presidential visit. It was a great honour for the Teesside IOSH branch to have a Michelle Muxworty, MSc CFIOSH, Vice President visit our branch. Her keynote presentation outlined the Presidential Team update.


19 December – Texas City workshop.  This included an animation created by the US Chemical Safety Board, followed by three acted scenes in which described the causal factors which led to the devastating explosion. 

SCENE 1:              BP TEXAS CITY REFINERY – 23rd MARCH 2005

Scenes involving the conversations and behaviours leading up to the explosion


An opportunity to hear a conversation between the plant manager and safety rep, and to hear a speech from a Chief Executive of the company


A video from the Chairman


07 November - Ionising and non-ionising radiation. Margaret Trevor, Teesside University – Medical Imaging Senior Lecturer at Teesside University, presented a 90-minute session that covered

  • Working definition of radiation (both ionizing and non-ionizing) risk assessment requirements
  • The Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010
  • The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016
  • A brief introduction to the coming raft of ionizing radiation legislation changes for 2018 there will be new regulations on ionizing radiation and the draft documents indicate subtle changes from IRR 1999.


Lecture Brief

13 June - Health, fitness for work, mental health and cancer

Half day seminar. Programme and supporting presentations:

  1. Matt Flynn presentation outlined Working after 50: Managing a healthy ageing workforce
  2. Karen Lowes presentation discussed the weight of life stressful. No additional resources available
  3. Louise Huscroft presentation described the role of health surveillance in the work place
  4. John Lacey provided a presentation of IOSH’s occupational cancer campaign, No Time to Lose. Further information about the campaign can be found on the No Time to Lose website.

02 May - AGM and food safety/hygiene.

Jonathan Backhouse key note presentation discussed the current food statistics; followed by outlining the differences between common forms of food-borne illnesses food poisoning and food-borne diseases. The session discussed the role of Food Hygiene Ratings and looked at some local examples.

Presentation and Event summary.

04 April - Construction

Half day seminar, event summary. Programme and supporting presentations:

  1. Jason Anker MBE, shared his story of how a fall from hight ended in him being paralysed. No additional resources available
  2. Stephen Coppin provided a presentation of the Impact of CDM 2015
  3. Raymond Bone provided a presentation on the Role of the CDM Advisor

24 January - Journey to zero waste

Andy Robertson provided two presentations; first on the role of the IOSH Environmental & Waste Management Group, this was followed by an overview of the Duty of Care and the journey to Zero Waste to Landfill. No additional resources available.

Event summary



20 December - Event management safety seminar

15 November - CPD/IPD and IOSH Blueprint (self-assessment tool)

13 September - Auditing systems

Risk based auditing presentation



23 June - Environmental issues seminar

12 May - AGM and guest speaker

24 March - Ergonomics at work seminar

03 February - CPD/IPD workshop