Branch Committee

Chair - Mark James

It is the ultimate responsibility of the Chair to co-ordinate activities, ensuring that IOSH’s aims and objectives are met. In the event of a tied committee vote, the Chair has the casting vote.

Vice-Chair, Mentor and Immediate Vice Chair - Jon Hughes

The Vice-Chair assists the Chair in co-ordinating branch activities. The Vice-Chair may be called upon to stand in for the Chair at meetings or events. Often, though not always, the Vice-Chair will be voted in as Chair for the next term.

Secretary and Programme Secretary - Michelle Dalby

Secretaries co-ordinate the administration of their branch and maintain all relevant documentation, records and correspondence. They are responsible for minutes and are usually the main point of contact with IOSH networks staff. The secretary will be responsible for the laptop computer from the district toolkit.

Shadow secretary - Lisa Rollinson

Communications Co-ordinator - Chris Eley

As an evolution of the Web Champion role, the Communications Coordinator retains responsibility for ensuring that content is maintained on their Network’s web pages (on Working closely with staff at The Grange, the Communications Co-ordinator should be the central hub of information, someone that key people within the Media team can liaise with regarding news development and promotion; the Promotions, Advertising & Design team can discuss design and print issues with and the Campaigns team can help with key messages, which may be woven into the Network's activities.

Online communication relies wholly on the committee collectively supporting the Communications Coordinator. Although the role of the Comms Coordinator is to raise points, look at changes to be made and advise on communication plans, it is the committee as a whole who should contribute to writing content, providing information and helping to come up with ideas for development.

Treasurer - Kathryn Ing

Treasurers are responsible for maintaining the branch accounts.

Shadow treasurer - Tina Ridding

Committee members

Committee members will provide general help with achieving the aims and objectives of the branch.

Mark Bagnall
John Berrisford
Euan McRobie
Adam Reed
Reg Sargeant
Ben Warrender

Note: All committee members are asked to attend committee meetings when available, and to send apologies to the Secretary if they are not.

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