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Managing and monitoring occupational health and wellbeing 04 December 2017

Legal Update - November 2017 (295.45 KB)

Consultancy Presentation - October 2017 (PDF, 2,089KB)

CDM Presentation - October 17 (PDF, 4,300 KB)

Fire Compliance Presentation - June 2017 (PDF, 2085KB)

Mental health, emotional wellbeing, sound mind presentation - April 2017 (PDF 1.2MB)

EWMG Presentation to South Coast Branch - March 2017 (PDF 764KB)

Zero Waste and Duty of Care Presentation to South Coast Branch - March 2017 (PDF 877KB)

Legal Update by John Mitchell - February 2017 (PDF 419KB)

Occupational Health Surveillance by Fiona Davidson - January 2017 (PDF 1.44MB)

Brexit for IOSH by John Mitchell of Blake Morgan - November 2016 (PDF 623KB)

CDM Update - An awareness and update for IOSH - October 2016 (PDF 1.55MB)

New Sentencing Guidelines - March 2016 (PDF 283 KB)

Health and safety Legal update by John Mitchell of Blake Morgan – November 2015 (PDF 237 KB)

Where to H&S by Mike Wilcock (PDF 1.39MB)

Cancer: An Occupational Health Challenge by Ian Strudley (PDF 5.84 MB)

Tree Management by Jeremy Barrell - July 2015 (PDF 110 KB)

AGM Presentation by Tim Briggs – Immediate Past President IOSH - May 2015 (PDF 2.17 MB)

Reducing Energy and Cutting the Carbon Footprint of your business - John Buckley, Managing Director, Carbon Footprint Ltd - 13 April 2015 (1.24 MB)

The Ageing Workforce  (PDF 2.9 MB

HSG65 Presentation 12 March 15 (PDF 383 KB)

The Safety Climate Tool presentation 29 January 15 (PDF 1.43 MB)

The Safety Climate Tool report 29 January 15 (PDF 342 KB)

Accident investigating and report writing 1 December 14 (PDF 2.80 MB)

Health and Safety legal update - Nov 14 (PDF 329KB)

HSE 50 Years On - Oct 14 (PDF 1.2MB)

The Myths, Mysteries and the Miracles of Computer Ergonomics – June 2014 (PPT 1.4 MB)

Fire Risk Assessment; Thinking Outside the Book – April 2014 (PDF 5.1 MB)

Chemical Risk Assessment Presentation - February 2014 (PDF 4 MB) 

What is Health Surveillance (PPT 705Kb)

Occupational Health Consultancy

Leadership and Worker Involvement (PDF 754Kb) 

Sarah Page, Research & Specialist Services

Developing A Road Risk Policy & Drivers Handbook (PDF 290 Kb)  

Trevor Huskisson - IOSH South Coast Committee

Enforcement Management Model (PDF 1 Mb)

Matthew Lee - Occupational Health & Safety Consultancy Services Ltd

Fee for Intervention (PDF 307 Kb)

Mike Wilcock - Head of Operations, HSE

Legal Update - November 2013 (PDF 195 Kb)

John Mitchell - Partner, Risk & Compliance, Blake Lapthorn