Technical visit to Cadbury plant on 10 Oct 2014

15 October 2014

technical visit

As a part of continual  WSH professional development, IOSH (Singapore Branch) organised a half day technical visit to Cadbury Enterprises Pte Ltd on 10th Oct 2014 which received an overwhelming response from IOSH members and non –members. In total, 18 participants attended the technical visit.

Technical visit kicked off with an introduction of all participants and host Mr. Chandran, Operational Manager and Ms. Shipra Choudhary, EHS officer.

Mr.Chandran shared the history of the Cocoa processing plant and the process cycle of turning raw cocoa beans into three main products namely, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor and Cocoa cake.  Ms. Shipra Choudhry shared the EHS management system and some unique programmes such their behavioural based safety programme and Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) system. The robust and effective implementation of such programmes has helped the company to achieve zero loss time injury for the past two years. In terms of sustainability, company has high targets such a zero landfill waste and phasing of ozone depletion substance in coming years.

During the plant tour, participants got the opportunity to view and feel  the whole cocoa bean process and how the WSH initiative such as use of effective ventilation and environmental management maintains the temperature under control, and the elimination of ergonomic risk by use of vacuum bad handling devices and LOTO systems for safe maintenance works. The unique lock out tagout system is implemented where each work zone has a distinct colour coding system for the LOTO to be implemented and industrial hygiene controls to ensure quality product.

In the closing meeting, Mr Chandran took various questions from the participants which clarified the understanding of the lessons we had heard and observed during the afternoon. The Branch Chairman and Vice chairman the presented a crystal plaque as a token of appreciation for the sharing session provided by the company.