Safety Starts @ Schools

4 May 2015

The Singapore branch recently worked on a school video project where they created five 2 minute videos, based on Minecraft, educating children on safety at school in Singapore to minimise accidents and injuries. The video modules included:

1. Adventure Awaits- The students talking about the project

2. Basketball Bonanza – Basketball Court

3. Canteen Chaos – Safety in the canteen

4. Danger Dash – On the school staircases

5. Road Safety – Crossing the road safely when going home

Certificate presented photo 

The video was piloted in the CHIJ School and as his final duty as Singapore Branch Chair, Darren Brunton presented the school a certificate of appreciation for their assistance in participating in watching and providing feedback on the project. The students said they enjoyed the videos and would take the lessons they had learnt home with them.

Darren Brunton, Immediate Singapore Branch Chair said: “the school children are our safety ambassadors for tomorrow and with my daughter in the assembly I was pleased to present this to the Principle.”

The school project was also presented to the Education and Training Committee at the APOSHO31 Annual Conference in India.