Results of the annual elections for the committee

12 May 2015

committee image 

During the recent AGM, the branch announced the results of the annual elections for the committee.

The committee positions up for election were:

Principal Officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer

Committee members: Events and Executive Committee Members

Darren Brunton shall continue as Chairman for the third consecutive year and to lead the committee in engaging stakeholders and extending our influence within the region. The team is committed towards making a difference in all industries and with the new exco. The Singapore Branch now has good representations from across the various sectors. This further strengthens our commitment in supporting and ensuring Safety and Health messages are cascaded down to the industry players through collaboration and events.

The Singapore Branch welcomes our new executive members. 

Vice Chairman - Bhupendra Singh

Secretary - Nurul Asshekin

Treasury - Desmond Lee

Exco members;- Lim Ping, Sok Hwee, Venkat, Sarah Ho, Trish Benson, Lucas Liew, Venugopal; JC Sekar.