IOSH Singapore reaches to China and borders of the Tibetan mountains

23 September 2016

A medical team comprising of 5 medical practitioners and more than 20 volunteers from across Asia participated in this annual charity event, bringing Chinese and Tibetan traditional medical herbs and supplies to villagers living in the remote areas of China and borders of the Tibetan mountains.

This year IOSH Singapore branch is again being represented by executive committee member Seah Sok Hwee in this meaningful event, bringing health and safety professional practice to the local community. The community is situated far away from proper medical care and suffers from poverty. This is the only chance for many to receive annual free medical care and medication. Each year five thousand people benefited from this free medical service and we expect the number to increase as years go by.

This year the medical services were being extended to the old folk’s home as well. Sok Hwee together with the Chinese doctors visited the home to offer free medical attention to the elders. Most of their lower limbs are deformed from years of suffering from severe arthritis which was left untreated. The painful and degenerative condition marked by inflammation in the joints that causes stiffness and pain, left them helpless.

During the two weeks stay from 4-14 August within the mountains which sits 4300 meters above sea level, Sok Hwee takes on the role of the health and safety officer for the medical team. Also helping out with the registration, packing and issuing of medical items to the community. Disseminate health and hygiene information with the help of the local interpreters; render first aid to team members who suffer from high mountain disease.

The team thank IOSH Singapore for the support to this event and look forward to IOSH continuous support toward their tenth year mark in 2017.

Take a look at some photos from the visit:

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