2014 BCA Academy – IOSH Singapore Joint Safety & Health Seminar for the Construction Industry

10 December 2014

BCAA-IOSH SG Joint Seminar

Since IOSH Singapore Branch signed a MOU with Building & Construction Authority (BCA), joint event has been organized by both parties for the industry on an annual basis, and this year is no exception.

On 19 November 2014, together with BCA Academy, IOSH Singapore Branch has successfully organized the above seminar in the Auditorium of BCA Academy. The event was a half day seminar with the main theme as “Total Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) for the Construction Industry”. More than 130 delegates from the industry attended the event.

A total of five papers were presented by knowledgeable and experienced speakers. The first paper was presented by Ms. Eunice Yong, Senior Research Analyst of the WSH Institute on “Total WSH for the Construction Industry”. Eunice shared with the audiences the overview of Total WSH for the construction industry. The second paper was presented by Dr, Karen Cheong, Deputy Director of Health Promotion Board on “Promoting Health for the Construction Industry”. Karen shared with the audiences on various ways to promote personal health, as well as on two successful cases, namely the 2012 London Olympics projects and the current on-going project with the taxi drivers in Singapore. The third paper was presented by Prof. Rob Aitken, Managing Director of the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) Singapore on “Occupational Hygiene for the Construction Industry”.. Rob shared with the audiences on principle of occupational hygiene in order to protect the health of workers in the worksites. He stated that “Good Occupational Hygiene is Good Business”. The fourth paper was presented by Mr. Bhupendra Singh Baliyan, Senior Manager (Group EHS) of Samwoh Corporation on “Nurturing Progressive and Pervasive WSH Culture in SMEs in Construction Industry”. Bhupendra shared with the audiences on the CultureSAFE journey of “Megastone”, which is a subsidiary of Samwoh Corporation. He shared on how “Megastone” began this journey, though faced challenges along the way, with the support from the management and a lot of employee engagement, it was still the right way to go to nurture a progressive and pervasive WSH culture in the company. The last paper was presented by Er. Foo HK, Managing Director of Resource Piling Pte Ltd on “Pile Load Testing using Kentledge and Reaction Pile Methods – Risk Management 2.0 Version Approach”. Er. Foo shared with the audiences on how to adopt the RM 2.0 approach for the pile load testing works in a straightforward, practical and clear manner. To express this approach, he shared the differences between the Kentledge and Reaction pile load testing methods in the areas of quality, productivity and safety.            

During the Q&A session chaired by Harry Ho, Immediate Past Chair of IOSH Singapore Branch, a number of questions were raised to the guest speakers, who responded to the audiences positively in a precise manner. The event was then closed with a token of appreciation presented to the five speakers by Mr. Cheng Tai Fatt , Deputy Managing Director of BCA Academy.