IOSH Members & Non-Members Networking Evening – 29 July 2013

Last evening we had a very good NETWORKING session with approximately 35 branch members and guests attending.

30 July 2013

We had two very good presentations:  the first was from Jase Chua - Keppel Land International on how they have implemented the SHARe program across their contractors work sites. SHARe is a Singapore WSHC initiative whereby contractors visit each others’ sites and comment on good and bad practices observed, whilst being open minded with regards to improving safety at work and learning from each other. 

The second presentation was from Lim Cheong who gave a very good detailed explanation on how -as safety professionals under the Singapore Laws- we could be liable in the event an accident occurred. The speaker explained which regulation covers this liability; what the result could be if found to be in the wrong; and advised what as safety professionals we should be looking at to prevent liability. This opened the floor to many interesting questions and debates with regards to how the safety culture and safety consulting industry is conducted - which will be a continuing debate for future meetings I am sure.

The company was good, the location was good, the networking was good, the discussions and presentations were very good, and of course the food was great!

Thank you all who came along and we will look forward to seeing you in our next event in August: CPD/IPD updates 15-08-13 at Intercontinental Hotel Bugis Junction - details will follow soon.

IOSH Singapore Branch committee

Networking evening

Networking evening