CPD/IPD Networking night

24 September 2015

On the 21st September our branch held a CPD / IPD Networking night at the Marriot Hotel in Singapore. Along with a great venue, great food and excellent friends we all listened to Anne Davies - Special Counsel on behalf of Withers LLP who updated us on various case studies with regards UK environmental legislation and recent legal action that has been taken. Using a case study of Thames Water – Anne proceeded to outline the position of prosecution and defense and appeal within this case, and how this judgement has potential implications for future environment breeches. It was outlined how the company and individuals can be held accountable and the level of responsibility. It was also mentioned on how the measurement of using a company’s annual pretax turnover is used to provide a minimum and maximum financial charge that can be levied and how this framework has potential to be used in breeches of safety and health legislation in future. 

event photo

A question and answer session was held where by members asked some interesting and probing questions related to the Thames Water case study, and general discussion related to the environmental affects and prosecution’s  of possible scenarios in our region with related to the intense haze that the region has been exposed to in recent weeks due to companies burning forests and palm plantation in Indonesia.

event photo

It was an excellent attendance with 37 IOSH Members and Guests – the exciting news being we had more IOSH Members in attendance (than guests) and some for their first time while the guests where all safety professional colleagues who showed strong interest to join IOSH soon. We were also excited that Dr Charles Lee and many of the delegates attending from the Alumni from University of Newcastle graduates who our branch works closely with for developing graduates in the Health and Safety industry.  

We are now looking forward to our next CPD / IPD evening and thank Lucas Liew our events exco member for making the arrangements for an excellent evening.