CDAS and IOSH Singapore collaborate to raise safety standard awareness within the commercial diving industry in Singapore

IOSH Singapore & CDAS Members and Non-Members Networking Night 25 August 2014
By Nurul Asshekin M
August 28 2014
CDAS and IOSH Singapore

YMCA, Singapore – IOSH Singapore Branch collaborated with the Commercial Diving Association (Singapore) (CDAS) for the first joint networking event that saw a great turnout from members of both organizations and non-members. The guest speaker for the night was Mr. Peter Sieniewicz, who has over 30 years’ experience in the commercial diving industry of which many have been with involvement of  managing diving operations and investigations into diving incidents as principal investigator. His expertise on diving accident investigations provided an insight into the numerous hazards of commercial diving operations as well as accident investigation methodology, which drew a crowd of over 60 safety professionals, dive contractors and regulators last Monday.

CDAS and IOSH Singapore      

IOSH Singapore expects that with the first joint networking event with CDAS, it will increase the standard of awareness for safety professionals operating in the commercial diving industry. In addition, the networking event provided a wider platform for interaction and renewed a strong sense of confidence in the management of safety regarding diving operations.

In his informative presentation, Sieniewicz shared that the factors that contributed to fatalities in the diving industry are related to three crucial elements; personal factors, inadequate procedure and the failure of the diving equipment. All diving incidents result in legal issues that a company may face as civil and criminal indictment under national regulations.

CDAS and IOSH Singapore

Case studies from previous accidents were shared and lessons were learnt, with interesting videos that helped to summarize the different life-threatening situations that commercial divers might encounter, and provide an insight into some of the serious considerations needed when planning or involved with commercial diving operations. 

In closing, Sieniewicz emphasized; “There are no winners in a diving accident”, as a thoughtful reminder to all.

For more information on the presentation, please contact Mr Kenneth Leong to request a copy.