Annual General Meeting 2016 – Singapore Branch 15 April 2016

3 June 2016

The evening commenced with the Branch Chairman, Darren Brunton welcoming the special guest, followed by showcasing the Branch’s past achievements, initiatives, activities as well as highlighting the great work the branch over has contributed to safety in Singapore and the region.

Darren then handed over to Ms Eilidh, a motivational speaker,  to kick start with an energetic motivational talk where she shared interesting concepts on how to stay motivated and confident in today’s challenging Safety and Health profession in order to remain optimistic, focused and resilient.

Ms Eilidh introduced “Mental floss” to members as a simple method to floss away negative and pessimistic mindset of each individual. She ended the presentation with a impactful message, “Make the wrong things difficult and make the right things easy” for all members to consider when managing difficult situation in the workplace.

After dinner, Darren went through the agenda of the AGM which included a proposed change of constitution put forward to members for ratification. Audited accounts were shared by Dr Desmond Lee (Treasurer) and finally, nominations of the ExCo members. Darren handed his baton to the incoming Chairman, Bhupendra Singh Baliyan who was a familiar face as he sits as the Vice Chairman alongside with Darren for the past one year.

Darren then announce the branch’s new executive members to the members who subsequently introduced themselves and thanked all the outgoing ExCo members for their contributions and dedication over the past few years. A Token of appreciation was presented to each members in recognition of their efforts and contributions for the past one year.

The evening ended with the new Branch Chairman Bhupendra, giving a short speech and welcoming the new ExCo members. He also highlighted programs outlined for the new financial year. Bhupendra urged all members to come forward to join the IOSH family together with collaborative efforts, IOSH will be able to make an impact in the Safety and Health industry.

Results: With Darren Brunton stepping down, Bhupendra Singh Baliyan was elected to take over as the Chairman for the first year. Bhupendra will continue to lead the committee in engaging stakeholders and extending the branch’s influence within the region. The Singapore Branch has established good representation from across the various sectors over the years and this will further strengthen the commitment in supporting and ensuring Safety and Health messages are cascaded down to the industry players through various collaboration and events. Moreover, the new ExCo team is thrilled and dedicated to make an impact and difference in all industries.

IOSH Singpore Branch ExCo 2016:


Bhupendra Singh Baliyan

Vice Chairman

Lim Ping

Immediate Pass Chairman

Darren Brunton

Hon. Secretary

Nurul Asshekin M


Dr. Desmond Lee


Seah Sok Hwee


JC Sekar


Lucas Liew Ming Hua


Sarah Ho Li Min


Trish Benson


Tang Ting Keng


Molly Yuan Xiaomo


Shaiful Rahmat

Take a look at some photos from the event.

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