Dr Desmond Lee Ling Chye - Treasurer

As the Singapore Branch's Hon. Treasurer for 2 years now, I am able to learn and shared a lot of experience with our exco-members, especially from our Chairman Darren Anthony Brunton. I admired his abilities to be able to balance his own busy business workload together with our Branch heavily oriented activities output almost every month. This is really a big challenge for anyone who aspires to be the next Chairman for Singapore Branch.

My present position with my company has been very demanding as I am the only Regional HSE Manager representing the SEA division, hopefully in the near term I could do more to take some travelling activities in which Singapore Branch has been participating.

In addition to being a Treasurer, I am responsible and accountable to ensure that all our funds we spent at Singapore Branch for every activities are carefully and prudently carried out to the benefits of our members and our Institution. Nothing falls short of honesty and integrity.