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Welcome to the IOSH Qatar Branch Micro site and by way of introduction my name is Peter Bohan the new IOSH Qatar Branch Chair for 2017-2018.

This Middle East conference this year, held in Qatar was an exciting opportunity for the Branch to welcome visitors from around the globe and specifically the Middle East. The launch of the IOSH 5 year strategy coincides with Qatar’s vision to provide a level playing field for occupational health and safety as it develops it infrastructure to support the World Cup in 2022.

The branch goals for the next 12 months will be closely aligned to the three key elements of the IOSH strategy to enhance, collaborate and influence safety outcomes in the world of work.

We intend to do this by enhancing the support we provide to our local members through effective IPD programs; making health and safety an aspirational career choice to support the leaders of the future.

Effectively collaborate with strategic partners; engaging with other Middle East branches and the wider communities, ministries, government and businesses. Using the expertise of its members to improve safety performance and grow the reputation of IOSH.

We want to influence businesses, around the world, to focus on health protection and well-being. As we work towards a more flexible workforce and with the increasing risks associated with lifestyle choices, we can use work as a vehicle to improve mental and physical health. IOSH is well positioned through its branches in 120 countries to lead the cultural shift required to develop effective H&S standards internationally and assure businesses that safety enhances reputation and is good for the bottom line.

IOSH keeps ahead of the times to identify emerging occupation health workplace risks and how we can influence staff in work. Remaining focused on technology, workforce changes and economic and global uncertainty.

The Qatar Branch can play a significant role in disseminating information corporately about the vision for IOSH across its membership and are key to the engagement of the membership at all levels. As the new Chair I see my role in driving the strategy to ensure employees are treated equitably and have appropriate safe systems of work in healthy environments. The market we are operating in is a global market and what is happening in Qatar affects markets around the world. I am looking forward to working with the Committee members and making our programme interesting, positive and influential. We have a real opportunity to change the world of work and I am committed to supporting the vision for the Qatar Branch and the wider community.

I will look forward to meeting you at our events throughout the year and developing the branch for the future.

Peter Bohan
Qatar Branch Chair, 2017-18

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