Past events from 2016

10 November 2016

Simon Hughes - Scaffolding Safety Update

20 October 2016

Zoe Betts, Pinesnt Mason - Legal Update

18 August 2016

Staff Health and Wellbeing

Ian Sullivan, Workplace Health Practitioner - Staff Health and Wellbeing  and Leaflet

08 June 2016

TriBranch 2016 Meeting – It's happened, what do we do now?’

Branches involved: Manchester and NW Districts, Merseyside, North Wales joint event

Richard Booth, Hastam - Incident investigations - root causes analyses and recording the lessons learned

Paul Mahoney, Hastam - Compliance - Complacency - Commitment

999 BBC video / Whodunnit video

Simon Belfield and Simon Tingle, DWF LLP - Incidents at work:  A three part process

John Sheehan, Actuwize Business Strategies & Solutions - Business continuity/resilience, including audit trails

North Wales Branch meeting 21 April 2016 presentations

No Time to Lose campaign by John Lacey and Health risks at work by Mike Nixon