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HSE - Regulator Update - 10 January 2018


Mock Court Trial - November 2017


AGCC Northern Star Business Awards - October 2017


Mock Court - 08 November 2017

Photos from the event

North East of Scotland Branch meeting - 13 September 2017

Download the minutes (Word, 45KB)

SWITCH presented by Duncan Simpson - 13 September 2017

Download the presentation (PDF 2,487KB)

Health and Safety presented by Kevin Clancy - 14 June 2017

Download the presentation (Powerpoint 621KB)

NEoS Meeting - June 2017

Download the presentation (Powerpoint 964KB)

Road Safety presented by Karen McDonnell – May 2016

Download the presentation (PDF 571KB)

Holland Barge Lift presented by Ian Milne - December 2016

Download the presentation (PDF 825KB)

Potable Water Hygienic Management & Legionella Risk - April 2016

Download the presentation (PDF 1.53MB)

HSE Update - January 2016

Download the presentation (PDF 163KB)

Train 2015 - January 2016

Download the presentation (PDF 727KB)

Legal Update - October 2015

Download the presentation (PDF  324KB)

An introduction to Nanoparticles and potential occupational health risk

Download the presentation (PDF 1.3MB)

CDM Update 2015 - May 2015

Download the presentation (PDF 1.9MB)

Branch AGM - February 2015

Download the AGM presentation (PDF 738KB)

What has IOSH ever done for you? (in Latin!) – December 2014

Glenys Neville (Regional Networks Office, Scotland) hosted a fun social evening on this theme, allowing members to listen and learn from each other. A tasty Christmas buffet was also available.


Healthy workplaces:- manage stress, take the 2015 training challenge,- October 2014

IOSH and Healthy Working Lives (HWL) worked together to deliver a free training offer to IOSH members and others to reach and potentially train '2015' employees during 2015.



Health, safety and environmental legal update - Willie Park (PDF,1.3 MB)
A Mentally Healthy - Isabel McLellan (PDF,597 KB)
Brookfield Multiplex Involvement - (PDF, 631 KB)
IOSH HWL Train 2015 - Scott Donohoe (PDF, 3 MB)
Mental Health and Wellbeing - Kristi Long (PDF, 443 KB)
Robert Atkinson - Train 2015 Launch (PDF, 425 KB)
Robert Atkinson - Train 2015 Presentation (PDF, 485 KB)
The Integration of Mentally Healthy - Emma Kennedy (PDF, 228 KB)
UNITE - Edinburgh Case Study (PDF, 186 KB)
Work Related Stress - Kathy Jenkins (PDF, 563 KB)

Health and safety Legal Update, September 2014

Tom Miller from Tods Murray LLP summarised the recent UK Government ‘challenges’ to OSH legislation, resulting changes to inspection strategies, the personal injury claims process, HSE ACoPS and Guidance – with several CDs still to come. He also covered 6 key recent cases relevant in Scotland, reforms to the Fatal Accident Inquiry process and speculated a little on what may follow the Referendum result.

Download the presentation (PPT, 55KB)

Peer Review/Skills Development Workshop, January 2013

Leslie Scorgie, a Chair of the IOSH Peer Review Panel, focused on: what to expect; how to prepare and the general process of the Peer Review Interview. Denise Clayton piloted the Skills Development aspects of the workshop; designed to assist members on their professional development path.

A Nation of Shopkeepers: Health and Safety in Retail and Distribution, November 2012

Presenter: Jim Tassell (IOSH Retail and Distribution Group Committee)

Download the presentation (PPT, 314 KB)

Tour of Union Square development - Photo

Retailing Safety photos

Certificate of Merit Award Ceremony, September 2012

The ranch awarded its inaugural Certificate of Merit to 12 health and safety heroes from sectors including social services, schools, engineering and hospitality.

Branch Chair Donald MacFarlane in his address said, "Some of our winners have gone way beyond the call of duty while others have thought innovatively about how to solve problems.  We think it important to recognise the contributions of those who make others' working lives healthier and safer, perhaps without even realising that what they are doing is going above what is expected of them. All of the winners truly exemplify this.”

The Recipients were: Jim Emslie, Michael Bower, Steve McLearn, John Tough, Alan Johnstone, Yvonne Bertram, Barry Copeland, Simon Clunie, Margaret Smith, Hillary MacDonald, Stuart Cheetham and Laura Downie.

IOSH Vice-President Karen McDonnell presented the Certificates.


Merit Award recipients

Above- Karen McDonnell (IOSH Vice-President), Donald MacFarlane (Branch Chair) and award recipients.

Below- Karen McDonnell presenting Certificate to Hilary MacDonald

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Merit Award photo 3

Workshop: Presentation on Soft Skills, September 2012

Hazel Llewellyn (Training Director, STC Global Ltd.) delivered a captivating and interactive presentation with focus on:

  • structuring your presentation for success
  • presentation preparation
  • group presentation delivery
  • group syndicates.

Download the presentation (PPT, 22 KB)

Site visit – RPS Asbestos Testing Centre: July 2012

There was an initial presentation on “Implications of the 2012 Asbestos Regulations” that came into force in April as an update to previous Asbestos Regulation. The major difference was that some forms of non-licensed work with asbestos have additional requirements - notification of work, record keeping and medical surveillance.

A guided tour of the company testing facilities followed. This traced what happens to asbestos samples from point of collection through systematic steps of testing and laboratory analysis; sampling for asbestos fibres in the air, fibre counting; sampling and identification of asbestos in bulk materials. The tour emphasised the importance of asbestos surveys, use of effective facemask/other PPE and safe work procedures in managing the risks from this hidden killer. 


Branch site visit to RPS Asbestos Testing Center, Aberdeen photo

Site visit to RPS Asbestos Testing Center, Aberdeen


Site Visit to RPS Asbestos Testing Center, Aberdeen

Site Visite to Asbestors Testing Center, Aberdeen.

Practical machinery safety, May, 2012

Presentation by John Glover (PDF, 1.25 MB)

Glover Associates and Consulting Ltd.
Machinery Safety Risk Management Consultants

North of Scotland AGM, April 2012

Presented by Gerard Hand -  IOSH President-Elect

IOSH members at North of Scotland AGM 2012

Download the presentation (PPTX, 349 KB)

Managing projects successfully, March 2010

Dr Douglas Leith CEng MIET APMP - STC Global Ltd

Doug has been involved in project management for more than two decades. From product development in small businesses, through multi-partnered development projects, to implementing project processes in multi-national businesses.

Some label him a 'guru', but he says that's only because they can't spell 'charlatan'. Doug takes a pragmatic view to project management and the results of his tool-based, common sense approach to implementing project management processes can be found operating in organisations spanning many industries.

Download the presentation (PDF, 5.38 MB)

Fire safety, January 2010

Presented by Nick Broom - Safety Mentor Ltd

Download the presentation (PPTX, 3.23 MB)

Planning together for emergencies, September, 2011

Presenter: Colin Gray - Grampian Resilience Advisor

Download the presentation (DOCX, 889 KB)

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