IOSH Scotland

The IOSH Scotland forum is made up of representatives from the four Branches in Scotland, the associated Districts and relevant Groups. IOSH Scotland’s objective is to place IOSH in a Scottish context and to ensure that the Scottish Networks have a distinct and unified voice at UK wide forums.

IOSH Scotland aims to:

  • raise the profile of IOSH in Scotland
  • provide support and delivery of IOSH strategies in Scotland
  • provide a proactive feed into Scotland’s health and safety community
  • share best practice to help the Scottish Branches, Districts and Groups
  • identify emerging trends and issues that may have a particular, and sometimes unique, Scottish impact to aid strategy development.

Meetings usually take place three times a year approximately in April, September and January.

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'Top tips for maximising safety in a shrinking budget – working together for a safer, healthier Scotland’ - 2013 Roadshow

This roadshow marks the start of an exciting partnership between IOSH Scotland and Healthy Working Lives (HWL). Three free events run in October across Scotland during European Safety Week. Each day provided a mix of presentations and round-table discussions with speakers from IOSH, HWL and local businesses. The roadshow provided an opportunity for IOSH members and small businesses to network and explore ways of working together to share sources of support and assistance in developing sustainable safety and health management systems.

Have a look at the presentations:

Wednesday 22 October

Ian Widdowson

Jan Chmiel

John Johnston

Robert Atkinson

Thursday 23 October

Kathy Jenkins

Robert Atkinson

Sandy Fowler

Simon Bowen

Friday 24 October

John McLaughlin

Kathy Jenkins

Robert Atkinson

Ronnie Miles

Simon Bowen