Committee Member

Yvonne Gilfillan

A highly motivated CSR professional, I am fully committed to equality, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life (including health, safety and wellbeing). I take great joy in creating and promoting progressive campaigns to encourage, educate and inspire others to bring socio-economic advantage to individuals and the community at large.

Advocating partnership and communication beyond that laid down in contract or expected norms, I have no time for those who pay lip service to moral, ethical and legal duties and will challenge those who simply ‘walk by’ incidents that fall short of the duties expected of caring individuals, citizens and employers.

True community engagement and development involves ongoing commitment, underpinned with a value-driven ethos from within organisations. Committing to the IOSH 2022 strategy, I am delighted to be involved in the North East of Scotland branch committee with my first task of scoping and delivering an educational engagement plan that will see those living and working in the area given the opportunity to become (a) conversant with health & safety best practices and (b) aware of the career pathways into the various realms of health and safety.

Health and Safety should be the essential consideration in every aspect of life. By sharing knowledge and through good communications, the wider community’s understanding of health and safety will grow whilst incidents should lessen.