Strategy 2017-2022

The Mid Shires Branch is dedicated to supporting the Work 2022 initiative of IOSH. We passionately believe that only through collaborative initiatives can we create a safer and healthier world of work. We believe that we must embrace change and look to modern methods of engagement in order to shape the future.

Within the community in which we operate, we will seek to provide support, guidance and knowledge to anyone who shares our ethical values.

Our new branch motto “Swifter, Smarter, Stronger” will demonstrate our intent to reach out to the community and work collaboratively with other key stakeholders and share the wealth of knowledge we have for the good of the world of work.

We believe that given the time we spend at work this must be a place of fulfillment, somewhere where we can enrich the lives of all that we touch to show that safety, health and wellbeing are subjects that affect all of us in a positive way.

We must take the positive best practices we have developed and implemented over the years into the community, into our schools and colleges to ensure that the future generations are ready for a world of work that they too can influence and have a voice in.

Our Objectives to support this strategy are:

  • Actively seek to expand our reach into the business community in which we operate
  • Proactively support a positive culture of sustainable safety, health and wellbeing
  • Keep pace & embrace change as a positive influence on the world of work
  • Listen to the needs of our members and ensure they have a voice
  • Provide an environment for shared learning and deliver excellence in our programme
  • Encourage active participation for all those at schools, colleges or University

Midshires Branch – Working together to shape the future world of work.

WORK 2022