Committee role descriptions


  • to lead and represent the branch and be a key point of contact in all communications with IOSH HQ, other IOSH branches, IOSH groups and other external organisations
  • to lead the Branch Executive Committee
  • to produce and oversee branch strategy
  • to develop links with local media within geographical boundaries of the branch
  • to be the principal point of contact, represent and speak on behalf of the branch to the media as and when required
  • to ensure an article is prepared on branch activities for inclusion in IOSH publications
  • to ensure a point of contact is appointed for liaison with events and media staff at IOSH HQ
  • to ensure a project team is appointed for all branch activities
  • to provide support to the committee in publicising branch activities
  • to have overall responsibility for the branch budget
  • to set the agenda, chair AGM, branch and committee meetings and agree minutes of meetings
  • to endeavour to reach more members and to increase attendance at branch meetings
  • to oversee a programme of interesting and relevant topics are produced for branch meetings
  • to oversee and ensure that all committee members are fully effective in their role


  • to be a member of the Branch Executive Committee
  • to deputise for the Chair in his / her absence at branch and committee meetings
  • to support and assist the Chair, with particular emphasis on developing branch membership
  • to deputise for the chair in the responsibility for overseeing operational and organisational aspects of branch affairs


  • to be a member of the Branch Executive Committee
  • to be the main point of contact for all communications relevant to branch members
  • to maintain an up to date list of committee members and their contacts
  • to liaise with other branch officers over branch affairs
  • to inform committee members of arrangements for meetings
  • to take brief minutes of committee meetings, circulate these to committee members in advance of the next meeting and ensure all minutes and notes are forwarded to the Website Coordinator


  • to be a member of the Branch Executive Committee
  • to have day to day responsibility for all financial affairs of the branch
  • to prepare the branch annual accounts
  • to report at each committee meeting on the financial status of the branch
  • to ensure the branch accounts are audited in time for each AGM
  • to provide, distribute and collect branch meeting evaluation forms
  • to provide, distribute and collect branch meeting evaluation forms
  • to deliver statistical analysis of feedback from branch meeting evaluation forms

Education and Development Advisor (EDA)

  • to advise members on education and career pathways
  • to update members on development within IOSH that may affect their careers
  • to liaise with IOSH and Networks on matters of education and professional development
  • to be involved with the development of professional development pathways as required by IOSH
  • to provide CPD support in the form of workshops/seminars and presentations in conjunction with branches and groups as agreed
  • to provide knowledge and proportional advice to members on progression through the IOSH membership structure
  • to keep the Branch Executive Committee updated on EDA developments

Website Coordinator

  • to be the main point of contact in respect of any day to day website enquiries
  • to ensure the branch website content is accurate and up to date
  • to liaise with branch officers for information to be included on the website
  • to liaise with IOSH HQ regarding all website requirements
  • to provide a quarterly report and statistical review of the website at branch committee meetings 
  • to proactively lead website development

Equipment Officer

  • to ensure all AV and IT equipment is available and provide support for branch meetings
  • to ensure presentations are loaded onto the venue equipment before meetings
  • to ensure persons are appointed to man microphones during meeting question time
  • to ensure safe storage of branch AV and IT equipment
  • to ensure microphones are operated by committee members during meeting question time

Branch Meeting Team Coordinator

  • to ensure sufficient committee members are available to support all roles required at branch meetings
  • to lead the welcome team and welcome all members attending branch meetings
  • to liaise with the Programme Manager and ensure venue is prepared for branch meetings
  • to ensure poster boards, display stands and literature are prepared for branch meetings
  • to ensure all materials are safely stored and the venue is left in a clean and tidy condition 
  • to support other committee members to ensure meetings and projects are delivered efficiently

Committee members

  • Committee members will be asked to provide general help, adopt shadow roles to ensure succession and to assist with achieving the aims and objectives of the branch.