Branch Minutes

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On this page you will find links to minutes from our branch meetings.

February 2018 minutes (PDF, 155KB)

January 2018 minutes (PDF, 123KB)

December 2017 minutes (PDF, 382KB)

October 2017 minutes (PDF, 377KB)

September 2017 minutes (PDF, 434KB)

July 2017 minutes (PDF, 441KB)

June 2017 minutes (PDF, 430KB)

May 2017 AGM minutes (PDF, 570KB) and Chair's Report (34KB)

April 2017 minutes (Word, 937KB)

March 2017 minutes (Word, 937KB)

February 2017 minutes (Word, 937KB)

January 2017 minutes (Word, 935KB)

December 2016 minutes (Word, 935KB)

November 2016 minutes (Word, 933KB)

October 2016 minutes  (Word, 929KB)

September 2016 minutes (Word, 944KB) 

July 2016 minutes (Word, 940KB)

June 2016 minutes (Word, 934KB)

May 2016 minutes (Word, 942KB)