Branch meeting notes 2010-11

September 2010

51 members attended the meeting with three new members attending for the first time. Apologies for absence were received from Neil Lewis.

Congratulations to two Merseyside branch members who were successful in the recent IOSH council elections; Nick Wilson and Tom Chambers.

A presentation was given on the Gasafe register by Brendan Howard. Details of the presentation can be now downloaded

October 2010

39 members attended the evening meeting with five new members attending for the first time. Apologies for absence were received from Neil Lewis; Mark Thomas and Ian Whittle.

The chairman commenced discussion around the branch budget changes requesting feedback from members. There were a number of comments about the expectations of the branch from members in particular for meetings and reduced cost workshops.

The secretary gave a brief overview of the IOSH annual report and accounts, the IOSH conference and the rebalancing publication, IOSH response to the Lord Young review of health and safety.

A presentation was given on the Management Standards by Chris Phillips (BSI). Details of the presentation can be downloaded here.

Prize draw was won by member Janice Cooper and a special BSI prize was won by Chris Goulston and Ian Urmston.

November 2010

67 members and visitors attended the Branch meeting.  There were six members. Apologies were received from Derek McStea; Nick Wilson; Denise Lysaght; Ian Urmston and Sandra Taylor.

The Branch Chair told the meeting that the matter of payment for speakers at branch meetings has been resolved with Head Office.  He also advised that he will be visiting Leicester soon and will pick up the branch pack consisting of a lap-top and projector.  The latter will be very welcome as the projector for this meeting had to be hired from the hotel.

The Assistant Secretary reminded the meeting of the Accident Investigation workshop on the 7 December 2010 at Whiston Village Hotel starting at 09:30 for 10:00.  

Items of interest from the members were: the HSE are looking at every stage of construction of cooling towers that have been fabricated in other EC countries. There will be a leadership seminar in health and safety at the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in Bootle. - Full minutes of meeting (To be added)

Main Presentation – An inspector calls - Richard Ollier, Regulatory Department, DWF Solicitors.

The prize draw for the conference ticket was won by No37 Steve Crawford (a new member).

January 2011

43 members and visitors attended the branch meeting. A record of the meeting and the presentation note can be viewed below.

Meeting minutes -(to be added)

Main presentation COMAH - Mike Brown Shell UK

February 2011

The chair welcomed 102 members and visitors to the branch meeting.

Apologies for absence were received from John Evans and Andy Ward.

The chairman and secretary gave brief updates due to the busy schedule: - President's initiative engaging with the community poster                      - consultants' register now open with reduced registration fee until April 
- RIDDOR consultation open, comments can be submitted through IOSH   - there are some national standing committee vacancies                          - events (health and safety for facilities managers; MCHSG14/2 at Lace; MOHSG 15/2 at Goodison; EMWG 2/3 at Browns London).

The president Steve Granger gave a presentation on IOSH achievements and strategy:                                                                       

 - At 38,000 members we are the largest health and safety group in the world              
- major investment in new website in last 12 months                                 - outlined membership grade progression route                                        - reference to free publications available for members                               - outlined the role IOSH play in influencing Politicians and HSE

The chairman introduced Helen McGriel for the main presentation

Details of Helen's presentation can be viewed below:

Leadership and behaviours in health and safety

March 2011

The chair welcomed 55 members and visitors to the branch meeting.  The following were attending a Branch meeting for the first time.  They were: Simon Swainston; John Binns; Janis Jackson; Sean McEvoy; John Smith; June Bracken; Dave Randles and David Briscoe.  Apologies for absence were received from Derek McStea; Ian Urmston; Darren Crosby.  The minutes of the February meeting were proposed as a true record by the Asst. Secretary and seconded by Chris Goulston.  The Assistant Secretary gave the following updates: - (a) a corporate IOSH logo is available for corporate members’, but not organisations’ use;  (b) members are encouraged to fill in the Members Survey on-line;  (c) EBIS are holding a seminar in Manchester on the 30 March 2011 on Health and Well-Being;  (d) There is a vacancy on the Research Committee for which applications are being requested;  (e) BHSS are holding a seminar at the Vauxhall Sports and Social Club on the 17 March 2011 on Long Latency Diseases.

Karin Parkinson gave a brief summary of the services that are available to persons entering the H&S job market.  Contact Karin Parkinson for more information.

The Chair then advised the meeting of the role of the BEDA in support of new and existing members.  Including mentoring, the BEDA can assist in many ways to ease the pathway to progress in H&S in general and IOSH in particular.  He also reminded the members that participation in the available Groups is important as they are there to serve individual members.  It must be remembered; however, that membership of Groups is a two-way street, information must flow to and from the member.

John Evans advised the meeting of the Construction Group meeting at the Lace Centre on Monday 14 March 2011, subject “Considerate Contractors”.  He also reminded members of the Merseyside OHS Group meeting at Everton FC, on Tuesday 15 March 2011, Subject “Fire Management”.

The Assistant Secretary advised that IOSH is setting up new Groups, one of which is “Leisure”.

The chairman then invited Peter Johnson (a long-standing Merseyside member) to give the main presentation - safety at outside events

Details of Peter’s presentation can be viewed below.  In summary, Peter is the current Chair of the Technical Committee of the Caravan Club where more than two and a half thousand caravans gathered.  He based his presentation on the recent National Caravan Rally held at Weston Park.  Planning commences 2 years before the event.  6 weeks before the event occurs, the area is cleared of livestock and cleaned.  9m by 9m pitches are marked out by volunteers to control fire if one should occur in any one caravan.  Each caravan is linked to a supply that will trip if more that 6 amps is drawn.  Each trip is checked by a volunteer beforehand.  All suppliers of goods and services that are allowed on site must produce method statements and risk assessments for formal approval before coming on site.  All ,of this and more is supplied in a Event Manual to the Local Authority and the host estate.  All participants get a book of Rules.  All users of hired-in vehicles are trained by the suppliers as far as possible.  However, Peter did stress that Murphy was an optimist.

The Chair invited the members to show their appreciation of the presentation.  He then asked Peter to chose a number for the prize draw.  This was 17 – John Crosby.

April 2011
The chair welcomed 44 members and visitors to the branch meeting.  The following were attending a Branch meeting for the first time.  They were: Owen Gordon; Adrian Rothwell; Ian Mountain; Janice Mooney; Lyndsay Berry; Ian Mountain; Gary Lindsay; Raymond Gilligan.  Apologies for absence were received from Derek McStea; Dave Smith; Mark Thomas; John Evans; Dave Haddon and Sandra Taylor.  The minutes of the March meeting were proposed as a true record by the Assistant Secretary and seconded by Neil Lewis.  The Chairman then underlined the need for all members to respond to the IOSH survey, particularly because information received indicates that the post of BEDA is being phased out in favour of Branch Mentors, though the two roles are decidedly different.  The Assistant Secretary gave the following updates: - (a) a member is asking for Safety Professionals to apply for a position in his organisation (contact Darren Crosby); (b) Terry Broughton needs associate gas-safety trainers; (c) Stephen Crawford who won the tickets to the IOSH Conference wished his thanks to the Branch to be minuted; (d) members were reminded of the CPD Workshop on the 19 April 2011; (e) the Scaffolding Workshop is confirmed for the NEW DATE of 25 May 2011 (booking required); (f) Mark Thomas has been successful in winning an IOSH grant for ‘Young Enterprise Merseyside’ for which he will be a judge; (g) Barry Old has retired from the H&S profession and wished to thank the Committee and members for their help and comradeship over his 20-year membership; (h) a form for Branch Volunteer posts is attached.
The Chair then advised the meeting of the Construction Group meeting at the Lace Centre.  He also reminded members of the Merseyside OHS Group meeting at Everton FC, on Tuesday 19 April 2011, Subject “Legal Update”.  He then alerted the meeting to the EC ruling in the Nussbaumer Case, indicating that CDM will apply to domestic developments and to the programme of the CDM Group.  He then advised the meeting that the planned Environmental Group seminar has had to be postponed due to its timed proximity to the IOSH Conference.  The HSE have advised the Chairman that they see Branch meetings as viable vehicles for disseminating information.
The chairman then invited Rosemary Quinn of Rose White Services Ltd. to give the main presentation – Work Related Upper Limb Disorder WRULD).


Rosemary started her career as a physiotherapist and has developed that role into being a consultant in the field of physical illness in the workplace.  She also works as an accredited expert witness writing medico-legal reports for personal injury and clinical negligence claims. WRULD is an umbrella-term for several maladies.  It has been defined in several ways, but little research has been undertaken to produce a clear definition.  Worse, very little has been recorded of occurrences of WRULD despite the major effect it can have on individuals and organisations.  Principally effects are noted in muscles, tendons, synovial sheaths around tendons, nerves and circulation.  The outcome can result in severe mental disorders as the resultant disabilities are realised.  The critical elements are Posture; Action Repetition; Force; Stress and Individual Capacity.  Prolonged grasping and holding of a position does not allow the muscles to generate/ stimulate circulation so the muscles are fatigued more quickly than those that produce active movement.  A common example of this is prolonged use of a mouse with an out-stretched arm.  WRULD is a progressive cumulative condition that if not addressed starts to linger and not to diminish even when the body/ limb has been rested.  This can over a time lead to permanent disability.  The onset of minor pain should be the trigger for remedial action.  Very often if one person alerts their supervisor, this can encourage others within the working group to admit that they have similar symptoms.  From this initial ‘trigger’ individually-based Preventative measures can be devised that can and must be implemented by the managers and the workforce with clear support from top management to show that they care.  Of particular concern is the need to risk assess the work-station of persons with mobility difficulties, taking care to preserve their dignity.  Maintenance of good practices is difficult and intervention by qualified external input may assist trained insiders to gain acceptance and promote continued monitoring and review.  The key is to promote the message that work with a grossly bad posture can lead to major permanent effects.  Reaction to the intervention can be gauged and reminders devised to keep the preventative measures working including having another person viewing the postures of the workforce.  DSE screen pop-ups are rarely sufficient in themselves.
The Chair invited the members to show their appreciation of the presentation.  He then asked Rosemary to choose a number for the prize draw.  This was 17 – Sandra Connolly.

May 2011

The chairman welcomed 12 members attending the evening meeting, two apologies received Peter Williams & Sandra Taylor. The minutes of the April meeting were proposed by Joe Taylor and seconded by Neil Lewis. Due to the low number of attendees the meeting was cut short and the presentation 'Environment Management in the food industry' began.

James Cherry (Greencore) gave an overview of the key environmental issues Greencore face: Energy & Carbon; Water& Effluent; Waste; Pollution Prevention; Legal Compliance.

He outlined the key legal requirements including the landfill levies, climate change levies and packaging regs requirements. The waste hierarchy of Prevention, Minimisation, reuse, recycle, energy recovery, disposal was then discussed.

James concluded the presentation by showing a behavioural environmental initiative he was introducing into training which is a game called 'would you waste it'.

June 2011 (AGM)

The AGM was opened by Joe Taylor who gave a summary of what has been happening in the branch during his first year as chairman. The treasurer gave a review of branch accounts and the secretary read out the election nominees for the new committee. Full minutes can bee seen by clicking on THIS LINK. 

September 2011 - Meeting minutes

October 2011 - Meeting minutes

Andy Ward presentation

Gary Smith presentation

Vikki Woodfine presentation