In addition to the regular branch programme, we'll provide mentoring and coaching sessions to help members with their IPD or CPD and prepare them for peer review interviews and Fellowship applications.


Communicating with members is extremely important, particularly as the vast majority of members are never seen. As a minimum, we'll continue to contact each member once a year by mailing out the branch programme. We'll explore other opportunities for staying in contact with those members who don't attend meetings.


This can be difficult, but we need to keep on board any member who can and does influence health and safety at any level. Members need to feel there's value in being a member of IOSH, and this is where the branch can play its part.


We plan to develop our webpages to maximise the information available to members and others. The website is an important communication tool for members who are unable to attend branch meetings. Alongside IOSH's overall improvements in IT capabilities, we're looking to take the lead by volunteering to pioneer new developments on the website.

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