IOSH in Ireland Recent Developments

24 December 2015

Report from 14 December 2015

We are in a period of change and opportunity for IOSH in Ireland.

Now we have 3 branches in the Republic of Ireland (RoI) namely, Ireland Branch, Desmond South Munster and the new Ireland East Branch.

Clearly, the changes which have happened, as part of the planned and normal development of IOSH in Ireland, must be managed as further change will occur as follows:

  • The Ireland Branch will require a name change

  • The SE District will realign with an existing branch, possibly DSM

  • The five Sections (Construction, Consultancy, Rural Industries, Health Care, Fire Risk) must be catered for and connect in with IOSH centrally (liaise with relevant Group) and within Ireland

  • Recent changes allowing for regionalisation in the Institution must be taken account of

A meeting was held recently in Cavan to assess the best way forward where all of the above were invited along with representatives of the Northern Ireland Branch. The meeting was arranged in the context of the Branch changes in the RoI and confirmation of the changes in IOSH allowing for a Regional Co-ordinating Committee. Following on from months, if not a year’s preparation and involvement with the working party of IOSH Networks, full and frank discussion led to the following conclusions:

  • All 3 branches in RoI would exist and develop in their own right and within their geographic areas

  • SE District would realign with an existing branch of their own choosing

  • The sections would consider their own remit going forward and having decided on continuation based on viability would develop and maintain a strong connection with the relevant IOSH Group.

  • The Ireland Branch (now minus DSM, Eastern District, maybe SE District) would change name.

  • A Regional Co-Ordinating committee would be set up to meet 4 times a year to coordinate activities at region level and to influence at region level.

  • A Regional committee made up of representation of each branch and the sections would become active in 2016.

  • The Region initially would consist of the Republic of Ireland although in the future may consist of the Island of Ireland if and when NI Branch considered it appropriate

  • The region committee would meet and begin its work early in 2016

This short report is designed to bring all IOSH members up to date with recent developments.

Caroline Neville