Desmond-South Munster Branch launched

01 December 2014

IOSH will officially unveil its new Desmond-South Munster Branch on Thursday 4 December during an event at Cork City Hall.

The Desmond-South Munster branch replaces IOSH Ireland Branch’s Southern District, and already has almost 300 safety and health professionals as members.

Bob Seward, chair of IOSH Desmond-South Munster Branch, said: “We intend to work hard to help grow the organisation’s membership under the new branch structure. We also want to provide our members with access to the tools and support services that will enable them to maintain the highest standards and provide the best service to employers.

“We will continue to support the Health & Safety Authority initiatives and other safety organisations such as NISO to improve safety and health in the workplace.”

The Cork and Kerry region employs 15% of the workforce in Ireland, but accounted for around 30% of all workplace fatalities throughout the country during 2013.

The new branch aims to play a key role in improving occupational safety and health in the region and ensuring sustainable growth of Ireland’s economy post-recession.

Bob said the branch status marked a special milestone for IOSH in Ireland, and recognises the progress that had been made since the foundation of the IOSH Ireland Southern District in 1995.

He said: “This new status brings with it additional responsibilities to ensure we progress IOSH aims and objectives in the region.

“In addition, we intend to further develop and strengthen our relations with the educational institutions, University College Cork, Cork Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Tralee and the National Maritime College of Ireland.”

Liam Howe, chair of IOSH Ireland Branch, said: “I feel now more than ever is the time for the formation of the new Desmond-South Munster Branch, and for its safety professionals to shine. It is their job to spell out to their employer what we in the profession know – that good health and safety management saves lives and money.”

The branch name reflects the regions historical Anglicisation of ‘Deas Mumhan’ to ‘Desmond’, meaning South Munster.