Accident Investigation Branch meeting – audio recorded presentation

01 October 2013

IOSH Humber Branch are pleased to announce that audio recordings and presentations from our September ‘Accident Investigation - Defending the Prosecution’ seminar are now available to all members through YouTube. The new format allows members to view the presentation with an audio commentary.

These are practical presentations providing guidance on how defence lawyers prepare cases and how you can engage with your lawyers to best protect your business and yourself in the event of a serious or fatal accident.

Session 1 – Asserting legal privilege
- Dealing with the aftermath of the accident and the importance of an investigation for potential proceedings
- Legal privilege: what it is and why asserting it at the earliest stage is important
- Corporate manslaughter and gross negligence manslaughter, protecting the company, protecting yourself
- The wider picture and awareness of other legal proceedings

Access the Session 1 recording

Session 2 – The caution interview
- Understanding a caution interview
- What a caution interview involves
- Defence tactics: whether answering questions is appropriate and other options available
- Police and regulator tactics: where they are coming from and why

Access the Session 2 recording

The resources used during the presentations can be downloaded here:
Advanced Disclosure document 
Scenario document

We hope that this will be a valuable resource to those members who were unable to attend the Branch meeting and for members who attended but want to remind themselves of the content.

We also encourage members to share this with colleagues and anyone who they feel will benefit from viewing the presentations.