Thank you letter from President Elect, Tim Briggs

09 May 2013

IOSH President Elect, Tim Briggs, has written a letter to all members of the Hong Kong branch expressing his gratitude after his recent visit:

"I would like to offer the most sincere and deepest thanks to you all on behalf of myself for helping to make my recent visit to Hong Kong, not only very busy, but also very informative.

Firstly please pass on my thanks to those of the Executive Committee who worked very hard in organising the events I attended. I firmly believe the events I attended were very useful in helping to change or strengthen opinions with those who have influence in Hong Kong that IOSH is an organisation that is inclusive and progressive.

I was also very impressed by the many candid frank and encouraging comments from the members themselves in relation to change and developing the Hong Kong Branch.

I would also like to thank those members who gave up their time to undertake the mentoring training, again giving me some really good information on their hopes for the future of the HK Branch and how they hope to use this training for the benefit of the IOSH members benefit.

I would respectfully ask all the Hong Kong members to support their Branch Chairman in your endeavours to help make the changes necessary to show that IOSH is inclusive organisation and a real influence in the region. Encouraging young people to become involved more actively in IOSH is one way of ensuring a strong continuing IOSH
presence in the region and one that I would encourage, it will also help IOSH to remain sustainable as a Branch within the IOSH networks, Hong Kong and further afield. Also the efforts that are going to be taken to try to encourage more ladies to become active and giving them an opportunity to become role models for other female members,
through involvement in the Branch and the Branch Executive Committee is another huge step forward for the progress of the IOSH Branch in Hong Kong.

My personal message to all the EC and Branch members, is, please support the Chairman in influencing the changes for improvement, please think of ways that you may become more involved to support IOSH in its activities, do not be afraid to give your ideas to the Branch Executive Committee, the ideas put forward will always be considered. It is the collective strength of the IOSH together with the IOSH members in Hong Kong that will make Hong Kong strong and a real influence in the region. I really hope that the EC and the IOSH members found my visit useful and encouraging, and that I was able to raise the profile of IOSH and its influence from talking to those people I met. I look forward to returning to visit the Hong Kong Branch again in the future, and hopefully have more time to talk to the members so their views can be
considered. I returned to the UK tired, but very happy and will always help the Hong Kong Branch to move forward and develop becoming a stronger branch, a stronger influence, and a progressive and inclusive IOSH Branch.

As said at the final meeting when I was in Hong Kong “I Will Be Back”. Thank you all very much."

Yours sincerely
Tim Briggs MA CFIOSH
President Elect IOSH .