IOSH Hong Kong Branch visit Singapore Branch

28 April 2014

Hong Kong branch visit Singapore

A major collaboration between the Asia-Pacific IOSH branches recently took place with Hong Kong delegates visiting Singapore for a 4-day Safety Benchmarking Study Trip. 

The technical visit took place on Sunday 30th March – Wednesday 2nd April to provide participants a valuable opportunity for benchmarking good occupational safety and health practices of different corporations in Singapore.
The visit began with a welcome dinner between the IOSH Singapore Executive Committee members and Hong Kong delegates where they had the chance to network between branches and voice their health and safety concerns.
Whilst there the Hong Kong delegates visited a number sites like the ASM Front End Manufacturing Singapore Pte, Eco-Green Park Samwoh Corporation Pte and MRT Construction Project Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Co, where they received talks from key health and safety workers in the companies.
During the visit they also attended a meeting with The Institution of Engineers Singapore where manager of Project Safety (West Kowloon Terminus Hong Kong), Chris Fogg presented a technical talk on ‘Design Safety’.
Richard Tse, Chair of IOSH Hong Kong Branch said: “On behalf of the IOSH Hong Kong Branch, I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to the supporting team from IOSH Singapore Branch for their hard work and dedicated efforts in organising this technical visit for IOSH Hong Kong Branch.”