Construction Industry Ambassador Nomination 2017

As IOSH Hong Kong is one of the Supporting Organisations for the subject event, we would like to inform you that "Construction Industry Ambassador Nomination” was first launched in 2013, with an aim to raise interest in the construction industry among the younger generation. Throughout the years, the campaign has gained extensive support from the government and the industry. The 3rd Construction Industry Ambassador Nomination is open for submission now.

The Nomination is categorised into Practitioner Division, CIC Trainee Division and Student Division, which are more rewarding this year.

You are cordially invited to join the Nomination or encourage your fellow staff and members to join the nomination or nominate potential candidates. The enclosed Leaflet is enclosed.

More information about the Programme can be found in the leaflet or at, or CIC Facebook page:

To apply/ nominate, please refer to the attached application form for details. Deadline for nomination will be Friday 06 October 2017. Please note that there is no limitation on the number of entries nominated.