Chairman's message

10 May 2013

Please read below the Hong Kong branch Chairman's message:

"It is my honour to serve as the Chairman of IOSH Hong Kong Branch. In my first message, I would like to share with you my mission for the IOSH Hong Kong Branch. My mission is to make favourable change for the growth of our Branch. I have identified the following aspects and concerns in various dimensions for "Change with Growth":

  1. Membership;
  2. Engagement of members;
  3. Sustainable structure, e.g. establishing subcommittees, task groups, etc.;
  4. Competence of members; and
  5. Regional status of the Branch.

We are widely recognized as the biggest professional and international health and safety organisation in the world. As a catalyst to change, we have to work together to realise the six-point IOSH 2012-2017 Strategy:

  1. International impact – to focus on supporting improvements in H&S for people at work, wherever they are.
  2. Membership development – to continue to increase the number of members in various membership categories.
  3. Influential leadership – to extend and strengthen IOSH’s leadership, influence & profile in H&S in Hong Kong and the nearby region.
  4. Commercial expansion – to expand IOSH’s range, and distribution, of profitable commercial products and services in Hong Kong.
  5. Health and wellbeing – to contribute to protect and promote health and wellbeing, including awareness of IOSH’s related activities, services and initiatives.
  6. Infrastructure and resources development – to review its reserves policy regularly so that more funds can be made available, if needed and appropriate, to invest in activities in support of its vision and mission.

An important task for the Branch this year is to align the branch activities with the requirements as stated in the Network Handbook and Corporate Manual.

"The role and purposes of branches is to serve their local members and align themselves with IOSH’s aims and objectives. In particular, branches support their membership and IOSH by:

  • Providing CPD, learning opportunities and local support to IOSH members
  • Offering networking opportunities for members
  • Retaining existing IOSH members by offering local services
  • Engaging with local communities and raising the profile of IOSH and the profession at a local level
  • Recruiting and retaining new members
  • Engaging with branch members, increasing attendance and involvement of members in branch activity through face-to-face activity and e-communications
  • Linking with groups and other branches
  • Supporting IOSH corporate strategy and aligning their activities to IOSH’s current priorities
  • Supporting and reflecting the IOSH corporate brand and aiming for high quality and professionalism
  • Acting as a conduit for two-way communication between members and IOSH corporate structures
  • Adapting to meet local members’ changing needs"

Our future rests on the younger generation for exerting influential leadership. For the sustainability of the Branch, we need to attract the best young people and safety practitioners working in different fields, and give them opportunities to contribute and to innovate for the growth of our institution.

In order to have better support to the aforesaid strategy and let our members to realize our mission of "Change with Growth", we need more volunteers to sustain the growth of the branch through formation of subcommittees and sections of groups as well as district. I appeal for your participation and involvement in the branch work. I also appeal for younger members to become involved for the branch.

Finally, as a leading safety professional organisation, we aim to reach and maintain a high professional standard through integrity, competence, respect and service. The Hong Kong Branch is here for you. We need to promote a culture of change from within – change for good. We should continuously identify ways of improving our activities and how we operate. I am looking forward to your continual contribution and commitment to bring our Branch to the next level."

Ir Richard Tse

Chairman 2013/2014

IOSH Hong Kong Branch